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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Termination of SEMUA and SEPADU TouchNGo daily pass

Petaling Jaya, 05 November 2008: Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (RapidKL) will discontinue the issuance of SEMUA and SEPADU daily pass effective 1st December 2008.

RapidKL General Manager for Communications Division, Ebi Azly Abdullah said the demand for SEMUA and SEPADU daily pass, which is currently available via TouchNGo, is very low.

“Our statistics show that SEPADU is used by only 0.002 percent of RapidKL commuters while SEMUA is utilised by 0.005 percent of our total ridership,” he said in a statement issued here today.

Ebi said, commuters can still continue to enjoy discounted fares on RapidKL bus and LRT services by purchasing the Monthly Travel Cards (MTC), which will give them discounted fare for unlimited travel for one month.

The cost of the Monthly Travel Cards is as follows:
Integrated Monthly Travel Card For Bus and LRT RM135
Bus Monthly Travel Card For Bus only RM80
LRT Monthly Travel Card For LRT only RM100

Cost Comparison

By purchasing a MTC, commuters can save between RM40 to RM75 a month depending on their travel pattern. This is illustrated in the chart below:

Integrated Monthly Travel Card @ RM135
RM135 divided by 30 days = RM4.50 a day

RM7 x 30 days = RM 210 a month


Bus Monthly Travel Card @ RM80
RM80 divided by 30 days = RM2.67 a day

RM4 x 30 days = RM120 a month


For further information and clarification, commuters can visit the website, or contact the Helpline at 03 – 7625 6999 (Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm). Commuters can also send us their feedback through email at .

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