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Monday, October 14, 2013

PLUS Workshop on Wheels along NKVE 24hours

PLUS Malaysia says its Workshop on Wheels (WOW) service has been effective in reducing the number of complaints from highway users.WOW was formed to “prevent and protect highway users from being tricked by unscrupulous tow truckers and workshop operators on the highways.” 

PLUS travellers seeking help can call the toll-free PLUSLine: 1800 88 0000 or through the use of the highway emergency phones located at every two-kilometre intervals. Upon being contacted, a PLUSRonda team will be dispatched to inspect and do minor repairs where possible. Should more repairs be required the Traffic Monitoring Centre will call for a WOW unit to be assigned. The WOW unit may be able to solve the problem on-site or at a safer location along the highway. 

PLUS managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Noorizah Abd Hamid said after beginning operations almost one year ago, the service had given positive results when there was a reduction in the number of complaints.The WOW service was introduced by PLUS on Oct 22, last year as part of the continuing efforts of the company to ensure that road users enjoyed a safe, smooth and comfortable journey at all time.

She said 17 WOW teams operating 24 hours throughout the North-South Highway, Penang Bridge and Linkedua Highway had resolved 3,387 cases of vehicle breakdowns since its introduction.

A WOW van carries spare parts including batteries, radiators, alternators, brake pads and spark plugs, estimated replacement charges of which are shown in the above left table. Work will be carried out either on site or at other safe locations on the highway. Towing from the breakdown location to the nearest services or rest areas are free of charge.

If even more thorough work is needed on the vehicle, it will be towed to WOW workshops outside the highway. For PLUSMiles and AAM card holders, this is free for the first 35 km (from breakdown location to workshop and back). Subsequent towing charges are as depicted in the above right table. Users may choose to send their vehicles to their preferred workshops at their own cost
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